We’re sure that everyone on this site can agree, (..should agree?) that our community needs as many positive images of our realities as possible. Not just for the younger generation, but also for those of us that are older and could use something to help us smile, get through the day or remind us that being gay is still ok. Our lives can be difficult and positive images, like role models, go a long way in helping us heal and achieve.

With this being said, it’s very difficult to find these images for gay males of colour. While building this site, we came across untold amounts of images of gay white males and also inter-racial couples, but it took lots of time and great expense to find pictures of men of colour holding hands, kissing or just being affectionate. It has always been our intention with this endeavor to showcase gay males from all walks of life, age and body types because we understand how important it is to see yourself and your life depicted.

That’s why we were tickled pink to read about soon-to-marry couple Dominic Spence and Nick Gilyard. Their joint page, @dom_and_nick, recently had a moment when the Instagram account The Way We Met profiled the 27- and 25-year-olds, who live in Brooklyn. Their photo and story of growing up in South Florida and knowing each other for many years before dating became one of the most popular posts with 17,500 likes in the past week.

The couple started their joint account last year because they both were “frustrated that many of the advertisements and gay love stories highlighted by both straight and LGBTQ-centric media rarely (if ever) showed images of gay black couples.”

So they started posting their own photos and videos where they could “proudly and unapologetically showcase our black gay love all the time.”

Many times, necessity is still the mother of invention. 

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