During this unprecedented time, many of you are worried about the coronavirus and your risk level as a gay male, someone living with HIV or both. At this time we can assure you that those who have controlled HIV, meaning either an undetectable viral load or a T-cell count higher than 250, has no greater risk level than the average person.

Like you, we have read articles and posts about a higher risk for gay males based on our sexual habits. Some have concluded that having multiple partners and/or not using condoms puts us at greater risk. This also is false. This virus is based upon contact. Which means that you need to first interact with someone who is infected and then share droplets from them. So, yes, if you have sex with someone, you could be exposed, but not any more than someone who lives with that person or encounters things that they have touched.

The information about this virus is changing almost daily and we wanted to wait until we had enough facts before writing an article. Unfortunately there are many HIV/LGBT orgs that are stirring the shit pot and scaring gay males just so that they can get more money from us.

Traditional non-profits make their money from the number of guys they are able to get into their programs, not the success of these programs or the information imparted. We, on the other hand, are not so confined.

Follow us on Twitter, @gaymalejournal, for daily and sometimes hourly updates. We have been using this medium to share links to reputable doctors and scientists as well as Youtube clips that go into great detail about everything from risk factors to how cities, states and countries are fighting this virus.

Please, just like with HIV, remember that there are many that make money off of your fears. We need to slow down and take in facts, and not panic. For the vast majority of guys who contract this virus, their greatest symptoms will feel like a very bad flu, or at worst, pneumonia. Even those these are not fun to live through, we know from experience, death is not common. And gay males, living with HIV have not been found to be more at risk, anywhere in the world.

Stay safe, stay in doors, and wash your hands!

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