Welcome to the Gay Male Journal

We started this, free website, so that guys like you can find the information you need about your body, mind and well-being in one, quick, easy and convenient place. We have taken everything that we have learned from twenty (20) years in gay male health policy, volunteer experiences in numerous cities and states, law degrees, and personal experiences as internationally travelled gay men of colour, with multi ethnic gay friends, and packaged it in a way to help you learn and make the best decisions for you and your life.

This site will forever be “under construction” as new information comes out, and we take the time to verify before publishing. GMJ is a place for those gay males seeking information about their bodies and healthcare. We’re not trying to change your mind, or any of your personal, strongly held beliefs. We just would like to present the facts, science and research and let you decide for yourself.

We strive for accuracy in information as well as photographs and depictions of the male form and activities. If you do or might find any of this content to be potentially offensive or are a minor (under 16), please click HERE.


If you reside in an area or country, where reading, obtaining or having knowledge of this level of gay male centric education is or may be forbidden, illegal or considered morally objectionable, including for those under the age of 16…please click HERE.

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By visiting this site, you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions, restrictions and responsibilities, including not being under the age of 16, posted anywhere on this site, whether you have read them, in part, whole, or not at all.

About our target audience

We are the first and only American company to ever target our population in this manner!

The goal of the company and website is to assist you in creating tools for the way you truly live. This is a place where you can be honest with yourself and make decisions about your life. Hopefully, you will find this site beneficial but it is a take-what-you-need, and leave the rest behind sort of place.

We purposefully call ourselves The Gay Male Journal, and not queer, because we don’t believe you can reclaim a slur, but we also heard all of those guys, upset and triggered by the reemergence of this word as an umbrella term, and have vowed not to let our desire to inform, educate and heal, be turned into a place of trauma and emotional harm. If someone individually self-identifies as such, that is fine, but we are gay males and support our community and their needs. We will never call ourselves or our readers a slur.

If you self-identify as gay and male, this is the place for you. We are speaking directly to you, not at you, as gay males to gay males. We look like you, we act like you, we have a shared history with you; the same desires, the same want for love, sex, joy, equality and happiness.

We also have your fears, hang-ups, insecurities and internalized homophobia. We research and write for gay males because that is the demographic we specialize in but also have direct community experience. Your life is our life. What happens to you, happens to us.

We are targeting a very large and diverse audience. We are reaching out to the single guys that hit the clubs every weekend, the married couple in the suburbs, the older men that helped create our community and even the rent boys, that are known to bring lots of joy to many guys. We will proudly go anywhere that gay males gather, without judgment.

But finally, we see the need for gay men to go back to the source of knowledge, share what we have learned and collectively do our very best to make all of our lives better. Charity truly begins at home, and we consider you our brothers.

If you are a minor, under the age of 16, object morally or religiously to frank material and photographs which concern the gay male body and community, we kindly ask that you click HERE.

About the company name

As a gay man ( …I prefer the term “practicing homosexual”), our Founder/Publisher wanted to send a message to you and everyone else, that we actually do have rights as gay males, if others wish to acknowledge them or not. The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc. is about our basic right to exist, happily, in good health. We have the right to a safe space, where gay males get to discuss what we really do, without judgment. We have the right to obtain proper and accurate healthcare information without shame, blame, racism, homophobia or gender bias. We have the right to, so-called, “gay sex education”. But most of all, as gay males, we have the right to change our minds and behaviors as new information comes our way.

About the logo

Our Founder/Publisher designed our company logo with historical context and memory as a base.

The look is reflective of the male form, with a head and body; strong and sturdy. The open circle at the top is to let in knowledge and information.

The triangles honor those gay males that died in Nazi controlled German concentration camps. And the color black is to remind everyone, gay and straight, that men of color are part of the gay male community as well, and that we are positive contributors in making our world a better place.

About the writing style

A lot of time and energy was spent designing a style that was inviting, and feels like your best friend, who is really smart, talking to you. Yes, there are some swear words every now and again, as well as words like “cock, dick, asshole, balls”, because this is how most of us talk in our real lives.

Language should connect us, not divide. We can write whatever great information you might need, but if it is too clinical, and filled with lots of medical and legal jargon, no one will read, or understand it. It was also important for me to make it fun to read, so when possible, Pieces are funny and light hearted. But like you, this website and our writing style will evolve, so stay tuned.

About the content

The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc. is solely responsible for the content published on the GMJ website; not any of our individual, private, corporate or governmental funders. All Rights Reserved. It is intended for educational purposes only, and is not pornographic or erotic in nature, effect/affect or intention. Our content may not be suitable for all ages, audiences or sensitivities. We will publish actual photographs of male genitalia, be descriptive of gay male sexual activities, drug and alcohol consumption and other general healthcare issues which our community may face as we see fit. If you do not wish to be so educated please click HERE.