We at GMJ must first confess our love for this guy! Independent artist and filmmaker Chris Tipton-King has done what no American government agency or non-profit has been willing to do; discuss the truth about gay male sex and condoms. We watched and enjoyed his video series, which is adult themed and spot-on, as it discusses the types of sex many of us truly have. Not the sanitized for T.V., Disney version. Now, it’s not for everyone, and at no point does Mr. Tipton-King suggest that you must throw away the condoms. He states the exact opposite. This is a video for those that already had issues, for whatever reasons, with rubbers. The PrEP Project video series is just our style; based on truth, facts, multi-racial, and very sexy.

But don’t believe us; check it out for yourselves and read some of his own words from HuffPost about the project posted below. The full article is interesting; be sure to check it out.

   “I know that it’s still taboo to admit that barebacking is a thing, but I think it solves the paradox of PrEP outreach thus far: PrEP is the best strategy for people who don’t like condoms, yet the organizations typically tasked with educating about PrEP can’t appear to endorse condomless sex. The subtext is still that barebacking is bad, and no one will start the conversation with their doctor if we layer it with so much shame. PrEP is about harm reduction, not harm elimination.”

   “If a condoms-only strategy were working to stop HIV, we wouldn’t need PrEP. The shocking statistic that got me started down this path was the CDC’s report in 2013 that only 16.9% of gay men use condoms consistently, and that number had been riding the down escalator for years, even before PrEP became available. If we’re going to beat HIV, we have to start talking to the other 83.1%, and we have to stop assuming that yet another clever billboard will suddenly make them religious latex adherents. Whether it’s forgetting the condom at home, bodily incompatibility, decreased sensation, etc…, I believe prevention should address these concerns instead of dismissing them.”

    “There’s a lot of hand wringing about “the end of safe sex,” but the thing is, the definition of the term has evolved, and gay culture must evolve with it. Even the CDC has stopped using the term “unprotected” and now uses “condomless,” because condoms are no longer the only form of protection. Value judgements shouldn’t get in the way of enabling guys to make the best possible choices about their health, whether they have one partner or one hundred.”

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