Urination is the voiding of liquid waste from the bladder through the urethra and the urinary meatus. Commonly known as pissing or peeing, in healthy males this is usually a conscious and voluntary process but it is not uncommon for guys to have “accidents” when asleep, or for younger and older males to experience reflexive and/or unwanted urine release. Depending on the amount of liquid intake, muscle control and intention, some guys are able to exact extreme control over their urinations.

Incontinence, or the inability to retain urine, is most common in older men but sometimes simple and daily activities such as stress, physical activity or laughter can be a cause for minor or even a major release of urine. Diseases, prostate injury, overactive-bladder syndrome, cancer, and urinary tract infections are some of the more serious causes of involuntary urination. These are grave physical conditions and should be taken very seriously, especially if you are over the age of 50. Those with diabetes are known to produce abnormally large amounts of urine, when overall fluid intake is taken into account.

The flip side of voluntary or involuntary urination is the unwanted retention of fluids, or the strong feeling of having to “go” but the inability to do so. This is another common symptom of aging, but also of more serious conditions such as damage to the bladder, prostate cancer, STD lesions from gonorrhea, and even Parkinson’s disease. But an obstruction of the urethra, having been circumcised, and stress and are also known factors. A visit to your primary physician will determine if you are suffering from an STD, some other treatable illness, or suffering from some type of prostate or bladder condition.

If you are experiencing anything other than the normal feeling of fullness and the need of urine release in your bladder, and sometimes spreading through the shaft of your penis towards the head, immediate medical attention may be required. It is not normal for it to hurt, burn, or tingle when you take a whiz. These are warning signs from your body that should be taken seriously.

What exactly is urine?

It’s a solution containing more than 95% water along with a cocktail of urea, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine and dissolved organic and inorganic material. Urine may also contain sugar if you are diabetic as well as artificial sweeteners if one drinks diet sodas. Proteins in urine are usually a sign that your kidneys are not working properly. This may include the development of kidney stones. Unprocessed medications, dietary supplements and illegal drugs such as crystal meth, and marijuana may also be found in urine. It is not known to be a significant pathway for HIV medications.

Is it harmful for me or others to drink?

From one who is healthy, urine is nontoxic but, as stated above, it may contain chemicals which are not normally found in or produced by the body and these may be harmful or undesired. “Chem piss” and “recycled” beer may even be desired by some. Some bacteria and hepatitis viruses are known to be present in those who are infected and can be passed easily through urine drinking, so imbiber beware. Your own urine is nontoxic or harmful to yourself but it is not considered to be sterile.
There are a few cautions and dangers one should understand before consuming the urine of others.

  • Piss has a high sodium content, which is not dangerous in itself if the urine is well diluted with water or a liquid with a high concentration of water, such as beer. But those on restricted-sodium diets should take this into consideration.
  • So called “morning piss” has the highest concentration of liquid waste, including sodium, alcohol, medications or any other byproducts.
  • The urine drinker may also lessen risk by drinking some (plain) water afterwards.
  • Urine should never be ingested if one is dehydrated.
  • Before drinking the urine of another dude, you should have completed a full panel of hepatitis  A/B vaccine tests.
  • Very dark or even brownish urine may be an indication of a hepatitis infection.

Can I piss with a hard-on?

The short and simple answer is yes. If you think back to your youth and puberty, there were many mornings when you woke with an erection and also the very strong urge to urinate (a “piss hardon”). Maybe you did your best to think of baseball, your grandmother’s apple pie, or something non-sexual until the erection went down. Or, maybe you found that with much concentration and ingenuity you could plow through. Forcing the penis downward towards the toilet bowel, or even using the sink or bathtub as a piss-fountain receptacle are some basic methods utilized.

The more sexually advanced, or unfortunate, depending on your standpoint, have found that anal intercourse can cause spontaneous urination. This involuntary act is caused by the penetrating penis, dildo or other object massaging the bladder, whether full or partially, until release. In some cases, one may urinate just prior to, or after, ejaculation, during the sexual act. The rarest of individuals may have found that they can piss and cum at the same time. This is very normal, even if a surprise.

Can I urinate too many or few times a day?

On average, a healthy male will urinate at least three times a day and produce between 1-2 liters, depending on liquid intake, physical activity, and weight. Normal urination rates are a sign of good health, so not urinating or urinating too frequently are causes for concern.

Drinking fluids with high concentrations of water is medically advised, especially when you are ill. This higher intake, of course, will produce greater amounts of urination. It is not necessary to only drink water to cleanse the body of toxins.


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