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We hope this website becomes your go-to resource for all of your physical, mental and legal gay-male concerns. Think of Gay Male Journal as a living library that will continue to grow as a reference tool, containing the most useful information you need to help make the best decisions for your life. We created this site for gay males, because WE’RE GAY MALES TOO, with decades of professional experience in the areas of gay-male physical and mental health as well as civil rights laws and policies. We understand that knowledge is power and that factual information is better than fear. With this site we want to provide you that information and that power.

As an online resource, this website is intended to be a safe space for gay males of all ages, races, ethnicities and HIV/Hep C status. Our information is based on facts and scientific studies. We are non-judgmental and are only concerned with passing on the most scientifically accurate information in a timely manner. This is YOUR life, and these are YOUR decisions to make. We want you to become the true expert on your life!

If you have not already done so, please read the About GMJ section, which states who should and should not be viewing this site, provides Trigger Warnings and other legal notices regarding your ability to access our website. Your lack of doing so does not wave any of your personal responsibilities regarding this information or warnings. By viewing this site, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed here and on the About GMJ page, if you have read them or not.

The mission of the Gay Male Rights Project Inc. (GMRP), and this website, The Gay Male Journal, is to inform and educate gay males regarding gender- and sexual-orientation-specific issues relating to healthcare and legal matters through web-based, social media, and interactive programming.

Website Terms and Conditions

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How to use this website

The Gay Male Journal is a healthcare and legal resource site, for those who self-identify as male and as homosexual/gay or who are males who have sex with males (MSM). This is a living and growing website that will provide up-to-date, accurate and verified information that directly effects the health, lifestyle and well-being of gay males. The content for our initial launch will include information on:

  • sexually transmitted diseases, their prevention and treatment
  • HIV/AIDS care and management
  • sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual intimacy
  • basic male anatomy
  • most common medical concerns
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • aging
  • mental health and hygiene
  • drug and alcohol usage
  • fitness
  • immunizations
  • overall wellness

We have designed this website to be a topic-searchable medium with new categories and issues being added and updated regularly. A search bar is provided on the upper right corner for your convenience, as well as topic-selection pull-down menus along the top, and left side of the page. Relevant links are embedded within articles as well as links to source materials and research documents for further reading.


This website, when necessary and able, will post photographs and diagrams of the male body, genitalia, symptomatic diseases and various male models. The posting of such material is not meant to imply or state that the model either has an illness/disease or is homosexual or has sex with men. When printing copy written material, such as photographs, that belong to someone other than GMRP/Gay Male Journal, this will be stated on or near the material on the website.

Legal Disclaimer

The contents of this website are for informational purposes only. The purpose of this site is to provide gay males with medical and legal information, obtained from respected outside medical and legal resources and governmental entities from around the United States and the world. Those organizations are solely responsible for the content and information provided at and obtained by this site. The Gay Male Journal, a product of the Gay Male Rights Project Inc. does not endorse or recommend any unrelated company or organization which may be referenced by this website. This site is not intended to provide or furnish medical or legal advice to any user, nor should this site to be used in place of an actual visit to a trained medical or legal professional for advice and or treatment. All treatment, diagnosis and/or legal advice and services should be discussed with a physician and or attorney, as applicable.

If you believe you have a Medical Emergency, You should dial 911 Immediately, visit a hospital or contact your Physician.

The contents of this web site are of a mature nature, containing information about the male body, sexual activities, anatomy, diseases, general healthcare, legal and civil rights issues. Not all information or content on this site is suitable for all ages or sensibilities. Please utilize proper judgment when viewing materials.

Material on the Website

We at the Gay Male Journal take all reasonable care when compiling and posting information on this site, but we do not guarantee its accuracy or reliability and neither GMRP/Gay Male Journal, its editors or managers, can be held responsible for any inaccuracies or mis-statements of fact beyond our control. We may make changes to the material on the website at any time without notice. We and any third parties referred to on the website assume no responsibility for how you use the information provided. Please take care to note the dates on uploaded materials, as some of the information contained within may not reflect current situations, guidelines or best practices. We strive to update the site to convey these changes but cannot control our source material.

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