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Fighting the HIV Stigma within our Community

HIV is the measure which decides if you are worthy of being cared for and/or loved. If you are HIV positive, many believe your life has little to no value, and it is all your fault! Your are a "whore, meth addict, or stupid". These are not the thoughts and action of just straight people, rather ones which originate and flourish inside of our own communities. What the fuck happened to us?

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The Rise of the solo sexuals!

Every guy wanks off, no matter what they say. We do it and we know that you do it. For most of us it's a more practical activity and doesn't replace any sexual acts with other guys. To be very clear, masturbation is very normal, natural and healthy. But, Solo-Sexuals are the Jedi Masters of masturbation and we are merely Padawans.