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#metoo…and maybe you? sex crimes defined

When so many terms are thrown around without meaning and/or context it is hard to understand exactly where the lines are and where they should be drawn. Sexual harassment, assault and rape are all legal terms with separate meanings depending on the actions of the perpetrator and even the specific jurisdiction of the crime. You need to know what they mean and how they effect you and your actions.

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Dating Tips from a Matchmaker

As every gay man knows, finding the right guy is just one part of the dating equation. Even in a world of marriage equality, Internet dating apps and progressive parents setting you up on blind dates, we all could use some advice on how to make that first date a memorable one!

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HIV testing/infection in gay males

The United States and the United Kingdom have done research into how often gay males actually are tested for HIV within a year and general STATS on HIV infection. These are surveys from willing participants and cannot hold the full story about our entire community, but they do paint a chilling picture.