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The power of soap and water

Ever since we were little boys, our parents told us the importance of washing our hands. Just a few moments over a sink, with warm water and some soap and then we were clean. But, as adults this lesson seems to be lost on some and it is causing some major healthcare issues.

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Spit is NOT Lube!

Lubrication should be purchased based on what you plan to use it for. This seems like an easy enough question, but if you think about your real sexual life, you will realize that it is more complex than you think

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#metoo…and maybe you? sex crimes defined

When so many terms are thrown around without meaning and/or context it is hard to understand exactly where the lines are and where they should be drawn. Sexual harassment, assault and rape are all legal terms with separate meanings depending on the actions of the perpetrator and even the specific jurisdiction of the crime. You need to know what they mean and how they effect you and your actions.

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Fighting the HIV Stigma within our Community

HIV is the measure which decides if you are worthy of being cared for and/or loved. If you are HIV positive, many believe your life has little to no value, and it is all your fault! Your are a “whore, meth addict, or stupid”. These are not the thoughts and action of just straight people, rather ones which originate and flourish inside of our own communities. What the fuck happened to us?

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Do you need a custom condom?

If you are in the market for a custom fit condom, more companies are starting to make their products available all around the world. And if your reason is for a perfect fit, or better sensation one of the agreed upon rationales is that custom condoms make guys feel better about themselves and are more likely to be used, which is good for our community.

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How gay conversion therapy could still effect you

As an adult gay male individual, at this time, no one can force you into this sort of treatment. But, these laws signal a changing of the guard as to gay rights and our legal freedoms and protections. They also show that our young brothers are at major risk of being damaged by these programs. But worst of all, it re-establishes the argument that we are not born gay, rather we are making immoral choices that deserve societal scorn, ridicule and even worse.

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