Because you are a gay man, with almost constant access to the Internet, you’ve already heard about the former Nurse Jackie star, Actor Haaz Sleiman’s, coming out. Mr. Sleiman’s revelation is news worthy to us for two (2) reasons.

He proclaimed himself to be “a gay, Muslim, Arab American man”. And, “not only am I a bottom, but I’m also a total bottom, which means I like it up you know where.”

Interestingly enough, that the 41 year old actor is Muslim didn’t get as much attention as the fact that he proudly let the world know of his preferred, and only, sexual position. This information was met with a large amount of stigma and bottom shaming. Our friends over at raised this issue a few years ago and we think it’s a perfect place to start this conversation.

“It’s drummed into us that being insertive is masculine and that being receptive is feminine – and that femininity is something that men should avoid at all costs. None of this is true. Getting pleasure from prostate stimulation is as definitively masculine as you can get. In any case, perceived masculine and feminine qualities are not right and wrong, they’re just different from each other – and they’re not simply determined by gender either.”

“Homophobes obsess about anal sex because they think it makes us dirty. They argue that just because the arse is used for another biological purpose it shouldn’t also be used for sex. Of course this is nonsense. Humans use many bits of our bodies for a range of purposes: we eat, breathe and speak with our mouths; we piss and cum with our cocks. We shouldn’t let the fear and ignorance of others define how we think about our sexuality.”

So, what we are dealing with are some deep issues of internalized homophobia and personal/community confusion about gender roles and masculinity. Every guy has had some experience with complaints about some other guy, they don’t even know, being a bottom. As if it is a bad thing. Or that a particular city, club or on-line site is filled with bottoms. This is the very definition of bottom shaming, and it makes no sense. Every top needs a bottom. They go together, tops and bottoms. Our sexual lives are intertwined and one sexual position is not better than the other, rather they need and compliment each other. Let’s take a moment and look at the two issue pointed out above.

Internalized homophobia:

“My dad was basically fine with me being gay, but he wanted to make sure that I didn’t take it up the ass”. This was from a conversation I had with a friend of mine a few years ago. This guy, hyper butch leather man, who looks more like a straight truck driver than fragile homosexual, is probably the biggest bottom that I know. It’s all he talks about and he quickly will tell guys that are convinced he is a top, that they are looking down the wrong part of his pants. But even he is still dealing with his father’s words. It is important for him to let people know that he is a “power bottom”. “I fuck them as much as I’m getting fucked”.

We all were raised and expected to be straight. We come from a heterosexually dominant culture and all of our communities expect boys to grow up to be very strong, and masculine (whatever that means), to date girls and make babies. No matter what you have heard or think, no racial group has the lock on hyper-masculinity. It exists in every culture on some level. The idea of a guy being on the receptive end of a dick is foreign, even considered unnatural and akin to rape to many straights.  The deeper concept that a man might like (Read: LOVE) it is more than they can take. These ideals are subtly and directly expressed to us from the moment we are born to the day we die. And without acknowledgment and adjustment of this fact, we shame ourselves and others for enjoying receptive anal sex. This is the very root of homophobia, and gays can have it too.

Extreme examples of this are gay guys who are convinced that any type of male penetrative sex is dirty, unnatural and destructive to the physical and mental state of men. Then there are those homosexuals who strongly believe that, contrary to everything we have ever seen, or heard “almost no gay guys have anal sex”.  The Age of AIDS didn’t help guys like this much as fear and ignorance solidified their views.

Realistically, there is a very basic, biological reason why guys like to bottom for anal sex; it feels fucking great! Your prostate is a marvel of biological science, but it is only matched by the anal and rectal muscles that protect it.

The anus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings and can be an erogenous zone, which can make anal intercourse pleasurable if performed properly. The pudendal nerve that branches to supply the external anal sphincter also branches to the dorsal nerve of clitoris and the dorsal nerve of penis.In addition to nerve endings, pleasure from anal intercourse occurs due to the shared wall between the anus and the prostate for males.Pleasure from the anus can also be achieved through anal masturbationfingeringfistingfacesittinganilingus, and other penetrative and non-penetrative acts. Anal stretching can stimulate the nerves around the anus and can be considered pleasurable.

There are almost as many erogenous zone-style nerve endings in the anus as there are in the female clitoris. Men also have bundled nerve clusters near the prostate gland that are the male equivalent of the female G-spot. These nerve clusters hold the potential for men to have full-body and multiple orgasms, just as the G-spot does for women. This is why the prostate is often called the “male G-spot” or the “P-spot” for that nerve cluster’s proximity to the prostate.

Prostate orgasms can feel a bit different as well. While most men are used to having a ‘penile’ orgasm, a prostate orgasm can feel deeper and be concentrated deep in the abdomen. Further, the process of ejaculation can be different from a ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ ejaculate. For instance, if you tend to have more powerful ejaculations, stimulation of the prostate may result in semen dribbling out; and vice-versa. Or there may not be any difference, or some men may ejaculate more powerfully and farther as a result. Just be aware that there may be a difference in ejaculation as a result of prostate and anal stimulation.

What man wouldn’t love this!? Oh, because to be penetrated means you must be female? It takes a pretty strong man to take a hard cock up his ass. Just sayin’.


We constantly say on this site and Twitter, that we are not going to define masculinity for you, and that you should not let others do it for you either. Your gender expression is a personal dynamic; not even a choice. It’s who you are, and over the course of your life, and where you live, this might change and it might not. Many younger gay males who aren’t on the deeper end of the butch scale grow up to be big buff guys that reek of testosterone. This is neither good nor bad, as long as your expression is dictated by you. Your sexual orientation should not place you into a position where you feel you must be more, for lack of a better word, delicate, and your gender shouldn’t force you to act like a Long Shore-man. And don’t forget, there is nothing wrong with finding yourself somewhere in the middle.  Give sexual versatility a try, you might just like it.

Now, your sexual desires and enjoyments also have no bearing on your “masculinity“. I’m sure you have watched more than enough porn where the big burly guy throws his legs up in the air faster than you can say boo. Sex is what you like, it’s what gets you off and brings pleasure to you and your partner(s). It is not who you are, it is what you do and what you enjoy. Bottoming doesn’t make you less of a man, and topping will not make your father want to play catch with you in the backyard after Sunday dinner.

Bottom shaming, by other bottoms

While doing what passes for research for articles like this, meaning too much time on Twitter, Facebook and Grindr, it seems that much of the stigma is coming from other guys that are receptive. Pot, meet kettle. Sometimes this is due to competition and others times some guys are just dicks. Either way, no one has the right to critique or belittle anyone due to their sexual positions. But just like women, gay guys who bottom are quickly called whores, sluts and even must deal with the burden of HIV stigma.

The Power in Bottoming

One final thing about this touchy subject. At GMJ we believe more attention needs to be directed towards the power that bottoms have. Not in the sexual sense, but yes, we will talk about that another time. We mean in the form of safety. Because of stigma and shaming, many guys that are receptive end up being victims of sexual abuse. They are taught from an early age that they are there for the total pleasure of the top and that they must do as he wishes. Too many guys that are tops, can be very aggressive and even violent sexually, leaving his partner battered and bruised. (Face in the pillow, ass in the air) Of course we are not talking about BDSM culture, we mean run of the mill vanilla sex. If you are the receptive partner we would like for you to remember a few key messages.

  1. Just because you are younger, shorter, thinner or have a smaller dick, shouldn’t make you feel like you must be a bottom.
  2. Just because your first sexual experiences were receptive doesn’t brand you a bottom for life.
  3. Just because you are not the butchest boy on the playground doesn’t automatically make you a bottom.
  4. Sexual roles and enjoyment are personal choices.
  5. You are giving someone permission to enter your body.
  6. This permission can be revoked, either before or even during intercourse.
  7. You have no duty or responsibility to have sex with anyone at any time or any place.
  8. If you don’t feel safe before the sexual act, don’t let it go further because it won’t get any better.
  9. If you want him to stop, and he doesn’t, it is now a crime called RAPE.
  10. As the receptive partner, you don’t lose one ounce of your personal power, if anything, you gain more.

Before you go, we found this interesting Matthew J. Dempsey youtube video that gives some visuals to the conversation. Click on on the link above.

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