As the new year begins, many of you may be looking to start your healthcare goals off to a good start, and this should also include your sexual health. What we have done with this article is link you to other pieces on this website to get you started on the right footing.

What is sex

This seems like an easy enough question, but really it can vary from guy to guy. In this article we break it all down and even answer why this question is necessary. We can’t talk about sexual health unless we truly define what sex means to gay men.


AIDS has been a defining force for gay male health for almost four decades. But even at this point many guys are miseducated about how it is contracted, treated and prevented. We took the time to give you all the basics of information and answer your most intimate questions about HIV.


We can’t discuss HIV without the controversial preventative medication PrEP. No matter how you personally feel about taking this pill, there is no question that is sweeping the gay world and its effects are changing the way we enjoy our sexual lives.

Medical Providers

As gay males, we are constantly bombarded with people telling us to get tested for some STD or another, but no one talks about how and where we are to get these tests done. And if we test positive for something, how we are to obtain treatment. This is when having a doctor and medical team that understands your needs as a gay man are important. The above articles discuss how to find and doctor.


Shots, shots and more shots. The best defense is a proper offense, and this includes immunizations. There are many treatments for illnesses today but vaccines to ensure you don’t contract them are available too. A few shots can protect you from some of the worst illnesses we know of. Take a look at the list and see which ones you need to add to your yearly check-up.

STD screening

After HIV, most guys are concerned about contracting sexually transmitted diseases. At some point, every sexually active person should expect to contract an STD. This doesn’t mean you are a bad person or immoral. It simply means that you have had sex. Period. We took a look at all of the STDs known to man and complied a list of symptoms, treatments and ways to avoid infection.

Barebacking and U=U

The new term that is on every bodies lips is undetectable equals un-infectious, but not everyone truly knows what this means. We break down with it means as well as the effects on condom usage and natural sex.

Our website has many more articles to address your sexual health concerns, but here we wanted to just get you started for the new year. Take a look at the entire site and see just how many of your questions we answer. But remember, gay male health is much more than our sexual life, and we do our best to speak to you about other issues which may arise throughout the course of your life.

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