We are sure you have heard about the #superstraight movement. It has been all over social media, beginning with Tick Tock and not 4chan.

If you are like a lot of LGBT people, you also have heard that Nazis started it to divide our community and is transphobic.

The entire above paragraph is false, and we, as usual, will prove it in this article! Cuz we LOVE to keep receipts!

The most important issue to address is the #supergay (and #superlesbian) rebellion. If you are only paying attention to biased outlets or in a queer community bubble, you might be under the impression this “trend” started after the Superstraight movement. This also is incorrect. And, yes, we shall prove this too.

Finally, before we even begin, we must issue a trigger and trauma warning for this piece. We have pasted actual tweets and messages from real trans activists saying some of the most privileged, entitled, disgusting things about gay males you can imagine. They range from death, rape, and murder threats to enticing suicide and a shit ton of homophobia.

Note: We used tweets from many trans folks, ranging in age and race to location on planet Earth. We refuse to blur their screen names because not only is this public information once it is posted on the web, but if they believe these statements of hate so much, they should have no issue putting their names behind it. And before anyone claims these are just a few “bad apples”, let us remind you that we did not believe that bullshit when the police unions said it and we believe it even less when you do. Change begins with acceptance of the TRUTH!

We are about to change everything you ever thought about the transgender movement as it relates to gay males, and we hope it touches you to do something about it before it is too late!

Let’s begin…

Who started this mess?

Former TikTok user Kyle Royce is credited with coining the term #superstraight, which is true. In his now-deleted first video, he explained how he needed a new word to describe his sexual orientation. We find some of the language he uses to be controversial and possibly explosive, but his second video, uploaded to his YouTube channel, goes into further detail about why he made the first, and he apologizes for any harm he has caused and specifically states that he is not transphobic and wishes this community no harm.

Like many who have said anything questioning, skeptical of, or going against the genderqueer movement, Kyle, age 16, has suffered a swift and severe backlash. He was banned from TikTok, he and his mother have received a slew of death threats, and her business has been targeted.12 They are now in hiding.

But, the Truth is...

There is much debate about whether Kyle created the term or was it something obscure from about five (5) years ago. Either way, he did bring it into the mainstream and started a much-needed conversation about sexual orientation, consent, and rape culture.

As brave as it was to dare speak out against the LGBT machine, Kyle was not the first one to do it. Our lesbian sisters have been complaining about this issue for years, but no one listened. Lesbians who do not have sex with or date trans people have been receiving the harshest forms of sexual abuse and death threats from this community.

Lesbians have been fighting a war to have the ability to choose who their sexual partners are without backlash, abuse, and of course, death and rape threats on their own for many years. But any mention of lesbian/women’s rights was quickly shut down by calling them TERFS.

The Cotton Ceiling, coined by a male “lesbian” pornographer, refers to the barrier trans women face when denied access to sex with lesbians. This term refers to the high sense of entitlement trans people feel they have towards lesbian bodies.

Many lesbians complain about being kicked off of and banned from lesbian dating sites for stating they are only interested in “cisgender” women. The fact that their sexual orientation dictates this is ignored, denied, and of course, called transphobic. But we will get back to this in a minute.

The Boxer Ceiling

At this point, some of you are thinking that the trans community has every right to feel this way, or you don’t give a shit because it has nothing to do with you. Oh, how wrong you are on both counts.

Gay men have been facing the same sort of backlash without any support from the greater LGBT community either. But let’s break this down for a moment so you can see why #supergay is trending and how we got here. The Boxer ceiling, coined after the Cotton Ceiling for lesbians, is the concept that gay males are “denying transmen their manhood, by denying them sex”.

The Gay Rights Movement:

Some of you might be too young to remember, but our movement started long before there was a “T”. Almost 100 years ago in Berlin, gay men begin fighting for the rights you enjoy today. Yes, Stonewall was significant in America, but it would not have happened if not for the brave souls in Europe. But also, long before 1969, other protests, marches, sit-ins, and legal challenges were fought, and some even won.

As we talk about Stonewall before you start yelling, “You owe your rights to a Black Trans woman,” let us stop you from looking stupid. A simple YouTube search of Marsha P. Johnson has proof, in “her” own words, that not only did she not start the riots but did not arrive until well after they began. Further, another video has “her” speaking directly into the camera, saying that “she” self-identifies as a gay boy who dresses in drag. These are facts, and facts don’t care about your feelings.

But, the point of this revisionist history was to RETCON our history to make it reliant upon a group that did not do what is claimed. It also became an overused retort for any gay male who did not want to have sex with a transgender person because we “owe them everything,” which must include sexual access to our bodies.

Our movement has always been based on the principles of freedom of association, homosexuality as a natural sexual orientation, that we are not girls in boys’ bodies, and that everyone, regardless of their orientation, deserves the right to live and love as they please, without threats of violence. See where we are going with this?

The Gay/Lesbian Rights movement has never been about gender identity because we are part of the overwhelming worldwide population of humans who are happy and comfortable with their gender expression and are not seeking to change it.

Yes, we know that some, on both sides, do not conform to gender norms in the traditional sense, but that is not the same as being transgender or the current year’s version of gender-nonconforming.

Transgender Rights

#Supergay has nothing to do with transgender rights unless you believe their demographic is the only one in the world who has the right to coerce, force, or bully others into having sexual intercourse or attraction to them.

We refuse to debate this issue in this article or on our social media platforms because they are unrelated. A gay man not having sex with a transgender person does not keep them from employment, housing, access to restrooms, or sports. It does not violate any well-known and documented Human and Civil Rights codified worldwide. But most of all, it does not “literally kill trans people.”

So, is supergay a violation of trans rights? NO! And we all better hope not because that would mean many of y’all will end up catching a case and being forced to perform sexually with a trans person.

Here are some rights that no one has, including the trans population. The right to use mob mentality to force compliance with their ideology. The right to send death and rape threats to those who do not date or have sex with them. The right to get people banned from dating and or social media sites for staying true to their sexual orientation. The right to demand censorship of words or terms that hurt their feelings.

Homosexuality, a sexual orientation or a “genital preference”?

Wow, talk about a phrase we never thought we would type in 2021, but here we are.

Since the advent of gender studies, the lines between sexual orientation and gender identity have not only been blurred but either re-defined or erased. We are now back where we were almost fifty (50) years ago, fighting to get people to understand that homosexuality is not a choice but rather a sexual orientation where you are sexually attracted to those of your same SEX.

Trans activists have gone past wanting basic human rights; they want the right to not only define themselves but to define others and their natural sexual orientation. Let’s be real, gay guys love cock. This is the ONLY criterion for calling yourself a gay man. Vaginas are not “our thing”. It is not just our love for masculinity that makes us gay but the entire package, pun intended, of the man/men in question.

Genital Preference

This is probably one of the most offensive terms we have heard in a long time. Gay males do not have a “genital preference” or “penis fetish”; we have a sexual orientation. Preference implies choice. Which gay men do not have. If you follow this logic, being gay is not natural but rather a choice that can be changed. We have been fighting the church, families, society, and the government against this. And it was working until we got stabbed in the back inside the house we built.

To members of the transgender community and their supporters, our very sexual orientation is transphobic!

Could it possibly get any worse? YES!

There is nothing about you that is real, authentic, or valid, says trans activists. You are not even a gay man because there is no such thing. You are a failed or future trans woman. It is your learned immoral genital preference that you need to unlearn that has erroneously convinced you that you are homosexual.

What if you don’t want to deny your homosexuality?

Following trans logic, since you are choosing to be a hateful transphobic bigot by not turning your back on your natural sexual orientation and your entire belief in the Gay Rights Movement and what it stands for, you deserve to receive the most vile threats they can think of. This will include the old favorites like you hate women/misogynists, death and rape threats but also a disturbing amount of suicide promotions. This is contemptible, considering how much we are told suicide is an issue for the trans community.


Everyone deserves human rights. This is not up for debate. But, there are some desires and wants that can not be satisfied by calling them rights, and those who do not get them are oppressed. Not being able to have sex with someone is not a right. And if you force the issue, you are contributing to rape culture. Yes, you are.

We built a movement around sexual freedom and choice. This includes everyone, not just some. Straight people have the same rights of choice as homosexuals, and to attempt to deny them these rights is against everything our movement stands for and is already illegal.

There are some very valid concerns that the trans community has, but this is not one of them. And that it is being pushed as transphobic not only is a false narrative but one that will backfire and turn allies against them. It might surprise some of you, but most humans don’t like to be told who they must date and have sex with. Nor having their sexual orientation called invalid.


From top to bottom, the apron tugging against superstraight, superlesbian, and supergay reeks of hypocrisy. How many times are we told that we must accept someone’s gender and sexual orientation as fact, based on self-identification alone? That all genders are valid?

FYI: There is a sexual orientation identity known as Skoliosexual. It is a demarcation for trans people who are only attracted to other trans or nonbinary people. There are zero tears about this and never have been because the right to choose your sexual partners is a human right, not a group debate, for the trans population only.


As we have shown from the above tweets from trans activists, homophobia is the default insult to gay men who refuse to deny their sexual orientation to others. What does this say about us that we allow ourselves to align with and support a group that performs the same negative actions against us as our literal worst enemies?

Why is such a hateful level of trans dogma allowed to fester under our roof without mention, but if the catholic church or any government in the world said or did these things, there would be mass rallies in the streets?

Imagine if a straight person sent such vile tweets, or a straight man sent death threats to women who choose, for whatever reason, not to sleep with them? The police would be called. But, because the trans movement has framed itself as the ultimate victims and oppressed, their alleged anger at not being on someone’s dating card is glossed over and ignored. We have not seen nor heard one trans activist organization or LGBT org come out against this practice. Their focus is on getting trans people laid at all costs, including our movement. But lots of biased outlets are screaming transphobia without seeing the irony or harm of their words.

Trans superiority

As you search through social media, you will find a troubling theme of transgender superiority. We have posted evidence of these sentiments, but they must be quickly unpacked.

Many of the posts say that trans people are superior to other individuals and groups and highlight their collective thinking that a binary gender structure, homosexuality, and, of course, men, in general, are unnatural and “societal constructs.”This conceit is so broad that one trans person claimed their community has existed for “literally thousands of years.”


What is the REAL Issue?

Trans activists want to paint this as a bigotry issue, but what they refuse to address is the right to privacy issue. Every one of us has the right to choose our sexual partners and reject whomever we choose, for whatever reason we choose. This is not up for debate.

Some time ago, there was a huge controversy around some white gay men not dating gay men of color. We came out against this charge for the above reasons. We wanted those men to change how they wrote their profiles. Encourage them to move away from writing about the types of guys they don’t want and instead focus on those they do. And, of course, stop the fucking racism in their profiles.

Once we begin telling people who they must perform the most intimate acts of their lives with, you know we have gone too damn far. No one has the right to ask you who you date, much less demand they or anyone else be on your list. This is not just hypocrisy, entitlement, and hubris but sets a very dangerous precedent that all of our enemies could use against us.

Telling any group their identity is invalid will quickly backfire on the speaker. Everyone’s identity is up for question if you try hard enough. But those of us who are sexual orientation minorities should know better. This is a bomb dying to explode in our faces.

Finally, there is the issue of censorship. Social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and even GoFundMe have chosen to take the side of bigotry. In their defense, they are trying to avoid the mistakes they made with the gay rights movement and are hoping and praying they are on the right side of history. They are not.

Before you go

One day, maybe soon, maybe not, superstraight, supergay, superlesbian will stop trending. But since the issue did not start on social media, it will not go away when it is not mentioned. This has been a major concern within the gay and lesbian community for a long time. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it took the voice of a straight male to get the world to pay attention.

Everyone has the right to choose who they date and have sex with, even if you believe those decisions are based on hate, bigotry, trans, and/or homophobia. This is still their right, just like your choices are yours. How valid would it be if you could get someone to break away from their sexual orientation to have sex with you? Who would gain pleasure, and who would be simply a sex toy for the enjoyment of another?

Anger leads to resentment, which leads to detachment from the trans movement as supporters. Calling gay males nazis and “cisfags” for not having sex with trans people proves how much they don’t know or care about our struggle. Those gay males murdered in actual nazi concentration camps deserve better. NO supergay man has begun a charge for putting trans people on railways to gas chambers. Keep shit in perspective.

Right now, gay males are not talking about trans rights; they are talking about trans-bullying power. They are discussing whether they should continue supporting a group actively working against them on the individual, group, and political levels. They are wondering if they need to come out of the closet, again as Supergay, because let’s face it…they already ARE!

There is a huge difference between asking someone if they would date a trans person and them saying yes out of fear of reprisal with death threats and a forever label of transphobe versus those people who truly would and do date and have sex with trans people. One is fake and forced, and the other is real and should be cherished.

No mentally and emotionally healthy person should seek validation from others, especially not through sex. The damage done to the one “turned” will take a lifetime of therapy to correct. Is this what the trans movement stands for? How they want to be perceived by others. Is this what gay men support and are fine with? Are we willing to accept the death and rape threats to ourselves and our lesbian sisters all in the name of not being called something we are not; transphobes?

We know where we stand, and we strongly suggest you think about what you have learned here and make choices that your future self will be proud of.

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