The human male penis is a marvel of architecture and design. From the tip of the foreskin, down the shaft, towards the root and pelvis bone, there is a natural flow and symmetry to your junk. But, for most Western males, especially the gay ones, having a positive relationship with your cock is not something that comes easily. There is a mixed bag of shame and conceit that comes with owning this appendage. Some guys are born well-endowed, while others may be more growers than showers. Whatever your inch make-up, studies have shown that it will have a long-lasting effect on your mental and emotional self and your sexual options as a gay man.

Once we leave the actual length and girth behind, the more significant issue is, “does my dick look normal”? This is a natural but unnecessary question because every penis is ‘normal”. Some are longer and fatter, while others are thinner and shorter. Maybe yours has a hook to the left or a long foreskin, and you might even have thick veins and/or a large bulbous head. All of this is normal and natural because your penis is as unique as a fingerprint, with just as many points of character that make it perfect for you.

Unfortunately, most of us didn’t grow up in a home or schooling environment that welcomed questions about our dicks. Yes, there were jokes; for some reason, there are always jokes, and as puberty hit, the fear and concerns about unwanted erections combined with the constant want of an erection made life a bit challenging. But still, nowhere to be found were answers to our most fundamental questions about our penises. This gap in sexual education persists with many of us and carries over to our adult sexual and dating lives. This needs to stop because our dicks are not just for pissing and having sex. They are natural parts of us that need care and attention, sometimes medical attention.

We have created a Penis Primer to answer your most basic questions about your cock, but we know that there will always be more, let’s say, unique and unusual questions that are specific to you. This section addresses those concerns as discreetly as we do all other issues.

So, make sure you come back and join us as we update this section and get you some answers to What is Wrong with Your Dick.

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